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Biographical Notes


Soleiman, Mohammed Musaad Babakr.

Full Name:

20 years.




Sudanese. I belong to a tribe called (Ja'alis) in Northern Sudan. (visit:


Student at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences , the International University of Africa, Kartoum, Sudan


165 Centimeters (January 2000).


50 KG (January 2000).



Blood Group:

* Drawing: I took up this hobby at a young age, then I gradually developed it. Now I can use computer graphics to draw objects & things and make designs , but I still draw by hand when I feel like it.

* Working on the computer: Which I began as soon as I possessed a Personal Computer (PC). So I started practicing a lot of activities such as programming, typing, designing, and troubleshooting faults and errors. This tempted me to read magazines and periodicals about PCs and the Internet.




My mother tongue is the Arabic language, and I also know a bit of English language.


I graduated from Al-Najashi Secondary School in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a percentage of 92% and a total of 1593 out of 1730

Secondary School

MMB , which I use when I'm working on the computer or navigating the Internet.


E-mail address:

I have many friends of various nationalities, but they are divided into 3 classes:
* The 1st class: These are the nearest to me, most of them are Sudanese and one of them is an Egyptian.
* The 2nd class: Which are of less nearness, and these are of various Arab nationalities.
* The 3rd class: They are many, and they are Sudanese and Saudese


* In the PC: Whatever is new and modern in the world of software and hardware.
* Clothes: Jeans trousers and T-shirt.
* Food & beverages: Roasted chicken, Mayonnaise salad, Ice cream, natural mango juice and guava juice and Pepsi Cola.
* Month: No favorite month.
* Day: Friday.
* Colour: Blue, its types and grades.


I'm usually at home, and I'm a computer addict.


I'm calm.


I was born in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in Riyadh, grew up there and I did my nursery and started school as well. I use to visit Sudan every holiday to my relatives, until I completed grade five after which I came to Sudan and completed grades six, seven, eight, and first secondary. Then I returned to KSA and completed my secondary studies. Following my completion of secondary school, I came back to Sudan to perform the National Service after which I proceeded to do my university studies.


(249) 11 221655

Phone number:










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