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 My Experiments

You can find the following steps of "how to apply a car for playing" in the a readme file included in the zip file.


How to apply a car for playing


* When you download the zip file, put it in a safe place, so you can reuse it when you need.

* Find the extracted folder "Allcars" in the following path:
  C:\Program Files\Acclaim Entertainment\Re-Volt Demo\

* The "Allcars" folder contains 6 subfolders, each subfolder is specified for a car.

* Open the folder of the car you wish to play with, then you will find a text file.

* "COPY" -NOT CUT- the text file, and paste it under the following directory:
   C:\Program Files\Acclaim Entertainment\Re-Volt Demo\

* There is a text file in the previous directory named "CarInfo", delete it.

* Rename the pasted text file, from its original name to "CarInfo".

* Then RUN the game.

* You will find three car-boxes, 1st one = RC BANDIT car
                                           2nd one = SPRINTER XL car
                                           3rd one contains a hidden car
* Chose the Hidden car Box.

* Enjoy the game.


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